Say goodbye to stressful long-distance trips

The demand and need for comprehensive transport solutions is a priority for most South Africans. Although short to medium distance travels in South Africa are not so much of an issue with railway systems, intra city buses and taxis, medium to long distance transport solutions on the other hand have been neglected. That’s why we have Transport IQ’s long- distance travel service that is here to increase transport accessibility and convenience at a lower price than any other long-distance transport service.

The motivations for people traveling medium to long distances varies, whether it be for a work function, family event or leisure, Transport IQ offers a unique and affordable driving experience. Getting to your destination is easy when your only concern is yourself. However, things can become slightly more complex when planning a trip for a group. Planning a trip for more than one person may come with extra stress as the logistics create more complications. The most reliable resolution is using an acknowledged transport service such as Transport IQ’s long- distance services.

1. Travel planning

One of the benefits of using Transport IQ’s shuttle service is the organization. When the transport for your trip is sorted you don’t have to stress about carpooling, renting a car or even thinking about menial tasks such as directions. Our services are simple, comfortable and smooth. The only decisions you need to make is where you are going and whether you want to get there with our sedan or hatchbacks

2. Overall Security

One of the main concerns that many people have for group transport is safety. Especially in South Africa, where a recent article reported that of the 36 lives lost daily on our roads, three of those are killed in minibus taxi related incidents. Hiring a minibus or a shuttle service without the same experience as Transport IQ can literally mean bargaining with your life. With Transport IQ’s services you can reduce the distress of reliable travel.

3. Private service

When you book with Transport IQ, you are guaranteed VIP service. With our service you will be traveling only with your group unlike the minibus taxi option. Traveling with only your group of friends, family or coworkers provides you with the space to be free and enjoy the company without worrying about infringing on another rider’s comfort or vice versa.

4. Hassle free

Most events such as festivals, weddings and concerts, often fall prey to parking issues, especially when there is a large number of invited guests. Parking spots are seldom able to cater to the cars of guests, which usually results in embarrassing and awkward situations. There’s also the fact that the parking space would have to be shared with the other service providers for the event thus leaving the invited guests with less room to park their cars when they arrive. Using Transport IQ’s transport service helps reduce the issues with parking space. You don’t need to worry about where to park or whether your car will be safe. After the event Transport IQ’s professional driver will be there to meet you at the exact time you have requested.
With so many transport services to choose from, we can guarantee you that opting to use Transport IQ’s long-distance services will give you peace of mind every time. We offer affordable prices without compromising on professionalism and quality. We do not discriminate against any destination, rural or urban, Transport IQ will take you there safely. Our booking process is also quick and easy for your convenience.

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