At Transport IQ, we provide opportunities for job seekers of all ages who are competent motorbike drivers with a valid bike license in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas. Our drivers earn between R6,000 and R9,000 per month driving for eCommerce delivery services including Takealot, Mr.Delivery, and Uber Eats. No previous experience on Takealot, Mr.Delivery, or Uber Eats is required to apply.

If you are an experienced driver and want to enhance your driving career with better earnings, then Transport IQ is your destination. For experienced drivers ( 5 years or more) with valid license and PDP, we have a great opportunity to work with us for eCommerce delivery solutions.

You can boost your career as an e hailing driver with Transport IQ. We have an excellent opportunity to work with us as delivery drivers for our eCommerce delivery services. We have driving job vacancies for delivery driver jobs, courier driver jobs, part-time delivery jobs, driver trainer jobs, night driving jobs, and urgent driver jobs.

For all E-Commerce Delivery Solutions - TransportIQ is your one-stop platform.

What you need to apply

Why Work With Us

Our Unique Approach to eHailing Driving Services


We operate on a partnership basis and split earnings 60%/40% – the driver earning the higher proportion.

Teamwork - We work and win in teams

We identify 'hotspots' (bad areas) and good areas to work

We share information about effective money making strategies.

We consistently support each other in our work.

Driver and Vehicle Safety

When there is a strike, we don’t work.

We share information about ‘no-go zones’ and do not operate in unsafe areas.

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