E-hailing Driving services

At Transport IQ, we offer eHailing driving service work opportunities through Bolt and Uber for responsible drivers in the Johannesburg areas. We work with job seekers over the age of 35 who have more than 5 years driving experience. Our drivers get great perks: Workers earn between R6,000 and R10,000 per month and have access to a well-maintained vehicle for work and responsible personal use. No previous experience on Bolt or Uber is required to apply.

If you want to get your taxi or cab at your doorsteps, and don't want to chase for a vehicle to go anywhere, then Transport IQ is your one-stop destination. We offer cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free e-hailing fleet transport services to make your journey comfortable, safe, secure, and enjoyable.

We make it easy to hire a cab or taxi from your smartphone at any time from any location. Instead of chasing down a vehicle on a street, or waiting for a taxi service, Transport IQ’s e-hailing transport services helps to hail a taxi or car from any location. You will have your car arrive in minutes.

If you are an experienced driver and want to enhance your driving career as a ride-hailing driver with better earnings, then Transport IQ is your destination. We have a great opportunity to work with experienced drivers (5 years or more) with a valid license and PDP for E-hailing driving services. You can boost your career as an e hailing driver with Transport IQ. We have an excellent opportunity to work for our ride-hailing transport services.

What you need to apply

Why Work With Us

Our Unique Approach to eHailing Driving Services

No Fixed Cash-Up Target

We operate based on a rate-per-kilometer: Earnings are related to distance travelled.

In slow weeks, you can ‘cash up’ a lower amount than in high earnings weeks, like month-end.

There is no requirement for a high, fixed cash-up when you're not working: You can work when you want.

Teamwork - We work and win in teams

We identify ‘hotspots’ (bad areas) and good areas to work.

We share information about effective money-making strategies.

We consistently support each other in our work.

Driver and Vehicle Safety-Focused

When there is a strike, we don’t work.

We share information about ‘no-go zones’ and do not operate in unsafe areas.

Apply Now

Send a Whatsapp message to 072 709 7849


How it Works

The Car is a Business Tool

We work on the principle that a driver’s car is 'primarily' used as a business tool. For this reason, we split weekly returns in half. This model ensures that if the car is being used more often and incurs higher mileage, the return will reflect that and be higher, and vice versa. If there is low or no mileage in a particular week, there will also be low or no cash-up in that week.

Expected Earnings

In a typical week, driving partners make between R1,500 to R2,000 net after fuel and car wash expenses (around R6,000 to R8,000 per month). In addition, we offer performance bonuses which can increase earnings (R8,000 to R10,000). (Please note earningsmay be lower during lockdown.)


We work with a number of drivers on a partnership basis. Each week, we pay Bolt's commission and booking fee and split the remaining earnings 50/50. Transport IQ covers costs for the car, service, maintenance, insurance, excess, and tracker. Drivers are responsible for petrol, airtime, and car wash

Our Unique Business System

We track daily earnings and share information about good areas, trouble spots, and so on to help our team make more money and stay safe. We meet regularly to share information about tactics and strategies for improving earnings.

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